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  • Dislocated Knee

    A dislocated knee, also known as knee dislocation, happens when the bones that form the knee joint—specifically the thighbone (femur) and the shinbone (tibia)—are forced out of their normal positions. This displacement disrupts the alignment of the joint and causes significant pain and immobility.

  • What is Jumper's Knee

    Jumper's knee is a painful condition that affects the patellar tendon, which is located in the front of the knee. It commonly occurs in athletes participating in jumping sports like basketball and volleyball, but it can also affect athletes involved in other activities such as soccer, weightlifting, and tennis.


    The symptoms of jumper's knee include anterior knee pain, particularly after or during activity. The severity of the pain depends on the stage and chronicity of the condition. In early stages, rest, ice, and medications may provide relief.

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