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    Rehabilitation Equipment: Physical Therapy Exercise Machines. … Choose rehabilitation equipment from exercise bands, balls and tubing, stretching and flexibility, strength training, and balance training aids to meet every patients needs.

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    <p><a href="">Physiotherapist </a>discusses benefits of foam rollers.</p>

    Physiotherapist discusses benefits of foam rollers.

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    <p><a href="">&nbsp;Physiotherapist</a> discusses benefits of foot rollers.</p>

     Physiotherapist discusses benefits of foot rollers.

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    <p><a href="">Physiotherapist</a> discusses benefits of &ldquo;the stick&rdquo;.</p>

    Physiotherapist discusses benefits of “the stick”.

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    <p><a href="">&nbsp;Physiotherapist </a>discusses the benefits of exercise bands.</p>

     Physiotherapist discusses the benefits of exercise bands.

  • Home Equipment - Foam Roller

    There’s a lot of tools that we have access to now that can take rehab from the clinical setting to a person’s home.

    And one of the tools that I frequently use is a simple foam roller, now these come in different lengths. This just happens to be a smaller version, and you can use these foam rollers for just simple stretching, or soft tissue work, where you kind of roll different muscles on to to get rid of tender spots, tight bands and get the elasticity and suppleness back into your muscle. Local Physiotherapy 

    They’re inexpensive to purchase, and they don’t take a lot of room. So this is one of the tools that I frequently use with clients when I want them to reproduce what we do in the clinic.Local Practitioners: Physiotherapist

  • Home Equipment: Exercise Bands

    There’s a lot of great tools that we can use to transition rehab on the road and home with a client, and the use of exercise tubing allows us to add resistance to some of the drills and patterns that we do at home. Often seeing a local family Physician can help with referrals for exercise equipment. In treating this condition, often seeing a local massage therapist for muscle tension, a local personal trainer for muscle strength and a physiotherapist for release and conditioning is a good option.  

    And also it allows us to sometimes stabilize the client while they’re doing something to make it a little bit easier. One of the tools that I frequently use is just a simple exercise tubing that we call a Cook band, and the neat thing about this system is that it’s got attachments at both ends and these actually go into a doorjamb, and you can close the door on it so that you have a point of stability there.

    Now you can use the handles to do all sorts of upper body and lower body exercises, or you can attach this end to stabilize the body, unweigh it and do other drills.

    It’s light, it’s portable and I find that we can get to a lot of different things by just having one piece of equipment. So if I had to pick one thing this is what I would throw in my suitcase. Often seeing a local family physician or a physiotherapist in conjunction with a registered dietitian and athletic therapist is a great option to take control of this condition. Smart Food Now and exercise is also optominal for overall health.    

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  • Home Equipment - The Stick

    There are many tools that we can use in rehab and recovery now and these tools also allow us to transition rehab and treatment from the clinic to your home, that way the client gets repetition of something that we need them to do to recover.

    One of the tools that I frequently use is the stick, this allows increase blood flow in the muscles, getting rid of adhesion, and the knots and the tender spots and getting that elasticity back into that tissue.

    It is frequently used as warm up, as cool down or if we are trying to get some relaxation and length through the tissue. Local Physiotherapist

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