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  • Skiing Injuries

    Skiing is a fun way to stay active in the winter months, but it's important to be prepared and observant. Common skiing injuries include knee strains, broken legs and wrists, head injuries, spinal injuries and shoulder dislocations.

  • Wrist and Hand Injury in Skiing

    Wrist and hand injuries are very common in downhill skiing and usually it’s again falling on an outstretched arm to sort of catch your weight and you end up with what we call in skiing, a “skiers thumb”, which is a tear of the ulna collateral ligament in the thumb.


    And it usually happens from a hyperextension, usually skiers get their poles caught and that’s why sometimes we recommend people not wear their pole strap while skiing, and also you can get a fracture in the wrist and sometimes these go unnoticed on an x-ray and that is why we do repeat x-rays, to try to catch these.


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