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  • Spondylolysis

    Spondylolysis refers to a specific type of stress fracture that occurs in the pars interarticularis, which is a small bridge of bone connecting the facet joints on the posterior aspect of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine refers to the lower region of the back, consisting of the five vertebrae labeled L1 to L5.

  • What is spondylolysis of the spine?

    Spondylolysis, as you mentioned, is a stress fracture that occurs in the posterior aspect of one or more vertebrae in the lumbar spine. It is commonly caused by repeated stress or hyperextension in that area, which can be seen in activities like over-arching or hyperextension of the spine, including certain movements in dance such as ports de bras.


    When it comes to treating spondylolysis, a multidisciplinary approach can be beneficial.

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