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  • Stress Fracture

    Stress fractures are common injuries that can occur in athletes, particularly runners and those involved in high-impact sports. They are caused by the repetitive application of forces on a bone that exceed the bone's ability to repair itself, resulting in small cracks or fractures. Unlike acute fractures that occur due to a single traumatic event, stress fractures develop over time due to the accumulation of repetitive stress on the bone.

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    <p>Stress fractures in athletes with your local Sports Medicine Physician .</p>

    Stress fractures in athletes with your local Sports Medicine Physician .

  • What is a femoral hairline fracture in sports?

    If you suspect that you have a femoral neck stress fracture or if you have general questions about this condition, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional such as a family physician or a sports medicine physician. These healthcare providers have the necessary expertise to diagnose and treat femoral neck stress fractures.


    In addition to seeking medical advice, you mentioned that consulting a local massage therapist for muscle tension, a personal trainer for muscle strength, and a physiotherapist for release and conditioning could be beneficial.

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