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  • What is the Psoas Muscle

    The psoas muscle, also known as the iliopsoas muscle, is a large muscle located in the lower lumbar region of the spine. It extends through the pelvis and attaches to the femur, specifically the lesser trochanter. The psoas muscle is composed of two parts: the psoas major and the iliacus. Together, they form the iliopsoas muscle.

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    <p>Kinesiologist&nbsp; discusses psoas strength exercises on the exercise ball.</p>

    Kinesiologist  discusses psoas strength exercises on the exercise ball.

  • Psoas Strength on Exercise Ball

    Exercise that involves using an inflatable ball between the knees to engage the muscles of the low back and groin. This exercise aims to strengthen and stabilize the pelvic hip region. The squeeze on the ball targets the muscles, including the psoas major and psoas minor, that traverse from the low back through the pelvis and into the leg.




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