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At Peqish, we want to enable you to make good decisions about what you eat by offering delicious, high-quality meals that help prevent and treat disease and restore well-being. Culinary medicine is at the heart of this philosophy, which combines evidence-based medical science with the art of cooking. ¹

Using these guiding principles, we create great tasting food from carefully selected ingredients, to enable healthier, happier and longer lives. We promise that after trying Peqish, you will crave our healthy delicious food.

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Healthy Smart Choices

Today’s 1st world problem is low quality diets and processed foods. Food related illnesses are on the rise and their impact on the well-being of humanity poses a greater risk than unsafe sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use combined.¹

Healthy Smart Choices

As a society, we cannot continue to ignore the impact that poor quality diets and misinformation is having on the well-being of individuals living in developed nations. Despite best efforts to publish guidance on what constitutes healthy eating, there are many commercial and economic factors at play that can impact or influence your decision on what to eat. These factors taken together with our need for convenience and affordability create undue pressures that ultimately lead to poorer diet decisions.

Peqish Retailer

The public is increasingly demanding healthy Ready-To-Eat meals and snack options. Peqish is committed to working with our retail partners to provide health conscious consumers with delicious options that will make them a returning customer. We want to work with you, whether you are a grocer, cafe, local shop, or any other retailer who wants to offer convenient, crave-worthy food, created by doctors and chefs

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