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Mr. Tyler Dumont

Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC
Registered Dietitian, North Vancouver, BC

Cycling Shoe Adjustment Accessories Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, discusses cycling shoe adjustment accessories.

Neck pain and discomfort can be a significant issue for cyclists, especially for tri-athletes that are in that low aero position.

There’s a lot of extra strain on those neck muscles and joints as they’re trying to sustain that position for hours on end. So the bike has to be set up right or else there is extra stress in that area.

If the bike’s not set up correctly what we might see this is the back of the head, here’s the neck and upper back. What we tend to see is a head forward or chin poke position, that can cause a lot of compression and shear through the mid part of the cervical spine.

The upper neck muscles here at the back of the head can get really tight and contribute to neck pain or headaches. And also, this part of the thoracic spine, the muscles are working really hard to hold the weight of that head and can get fatigued or sore. So the bike fit has to be adjusted so we can take stress off of those areas.

With regard to the lower back position, we want to aim for neutral. We don’t want to have an overextended lower back or an overflexed or rounded back. We’re trying to get relatively neutral so there’s less stress on those joints and those muscles so the rider can maintain a nice stable pelvis while riding.

If you have questions about your bike position and you’re experiencing neck pain or back pain, have someone do a bike fit on u you could see a cerified bike fitter or a physiotherapist that does bike fits.

Presenter: Mr. Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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Tyler achieved his Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Alberta in 1993. He completed his Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from UBC in 1998. Tyler opened Physiomoves in 2007 and is proud of the reputation he and his team is establishing in the community as one of the best physio/ rehabilitation clinics in the Lower Mainland.

Tyler is a Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine at UBC. He has been instructing UBC students in the area of Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy since 1998. He is honoured to be a past recipient of the Physiotherapy Association of BC Award of Excellence in Education, as well as the Faculty of Medicine Award for Excellence in Teaching. He continues to mentor and supervise UBC Master of Physical Therapy students each year. He is published in many journals and magazines and is often asked to speak at events pertaining to sports and injuries.

Tyler is the only Physiotherapist in South Surrey, White Rock and Langley to hold a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy, Canada’s highest level of sport rehabilitation specialization for his profession. As a former national champion cyclist, Tyler is also the Lower Mainland’s expert on bike fits, having performed thousands of these over the past 18 years. He has worked with athletes from many sports, including extensive experience in cycling, running, swimming, rugby, hockey, field hockey, and gymnastics at the provincial, national and international level. He was nominated by his peers and proudly represented Physical Therapy in the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. He was a part of the Host Medical Team at Canada Hockey Place during the 2010 Olympics. Along with other Physiomoves therapists, Tyler completed the Functional Movement Screening and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment courses. Tyler has also successfully completed the Gunn IMS (intra-muscular stimulation) course and offers IMS to his clients as part of their rehabilitation program as needed. He is also currently pursuing advanced bike fit certification.

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys cycling and spending time with his wife and 3 young sons around their local Surrey neighbourhood. He is excited to share his time between the 2 Physiomoves clinics in Surrey (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternating Saturdays) and South Surrey (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Education: Bachelor of Physical Education (Athletic Therapy), U of A, 1989 Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, U of A, 1993 Intermediate level Manual Therapy, 1995 Masters degree in Rehab Science, UBC, 1998 (Thesis on Patellar Tendinopathy) Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, 1999 Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), 2003

Experience: Over 19 years experience in sports rehabilitation, orthopedics, arthritis, and joint replacement (9 years at the UBC Sports Medicine Centre) Treated athletes from many different sports (e.g. cycling, triathlon, rugby, field hockey, and gymnastics at the provincial, national and international level). Over 15 years experience in performing “bike fits” for triathletes, road cyclists, commuters, and recreational cyclists in order to optimize cycling performance and to prevent injuries.

Roles: Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy (UBC) since 1998 Therapist, hockey venue during the 2010 Winter Olympics Examiner for Sports Physiotherapy Canada

Accomplishments: National Champion in cross country mountain bike racing (Master Expert category), 2001 Bronze medalist World Masters Games cross country mountain bike race in Melbourne , Australia , 2002 Physiotherapy Association of BC Award of Excellence: Education, 2005 Faculty of Medicine Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2006

If you are looking for local services or treatment in the office or hospital from a Physiotherapist, contact a provider such as ( Mr. Tyler Dumont ) with this phone number to inquire if they are accepting patients or you need a referral. Phone number to book an appointment (604) 575-7477

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